CIRCUIT Partnership

Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute from Greece

The Lead Beneficiary

LP: Fifty-Fifty is an organization of civil society, established in Thessaloniki to help individuals, communities and institutions to develop their skills, improve their performance and share knowledge to be able to meet the challenges of society and thus contribute actively to the development of a European area of skills and qualifications. Fifty-Fifty aims to bring about social change for the benefit of citizens in the context of development of local, regional and European society and focuses on the promotion of equal learning opportunities and human rights, cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the development of people’s abilities. 

Aristotle University Thessaloniki

Project Beneficiaries from Greece

The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering belongs to the Energy Section of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It conducts basic and applied research in Energy Systems and Technology, Air pollution & Climate Change, Waste Management and Integrated Environmental Management. It has a long record of research and consulting activities, both at national and international level. Most of the research funds of the Laboratory originate from competitive programmes of the European Commission. In the last ten years, its turnover exceeded five million €. It possesses the necessary know-how, which is a key advantage for the project.

Democritus University of Thrace

Project Beneficiaries from Greece

The Laboratory Environmental Management and Industrial Ecology is one of the laboratories of the Department of Production Engineering of the Engineering School of Democritus University of Thrace and it consists of young scientists and researchers. The main objective of the laboratory’s research activities is the environmental sustainability growth of industrial systems through the development and adoption of sustainable practices and strategies in Greece. It aims to realistic and applicable solutions based on holistic and innovative approaches and tools.

Centre for Cross-border Cooperation and Development

Project Beneficiaries from Bulgaria

CCCD is a NGO for public benefit with more than 10 years of experience in supporting local business and community development, project management, training & mentoring in entrepreneurship and financial/professional development. CCCD was established in 2008 in Sandanski, Bulgaria (main office) by young experts with long-term experience in the field of business consulting, project management and EU funding. It organizes workshops, seminars, round table events, informal community discussions and targeted conferences on regional economic development, renewable energy sources development, etc. CCCD provides consulting services for the development of project proposals under granting schemes e.g. Bulgaria’s Operational Programmes, European Community Framework Programmes, INTERREG, etc. Its experience is crucial for the project.

Pirin Eagles

Project Beneficiaries from Bulgaria

Pirin Eagles is a NGO for public benefit established in 2019 in Sandanski, Bulgaria by experts with long-term experience in the field of business, education, sports education, law, project management and implementation and EU funding. It organizes workshops, seminars and other events in the field of education, business and sports and helps many youth students by consulting them for their future educational plans and helps them by including them in different Erasmus+ projects in the field of Youth. Pirin Eagles provides consulting services for the development of project proposals under Erasmus+ Programme.